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Available Keynote Presentations: Living Out Biblical Generosity

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Available Keynote Presentations: Becoming a Polished Arrow in the Lord's Quiver | Biblical Governance

Available Keynote Presentations: Christian Flourishing... Living Set Apart and Fully Engaged in the Modern Marketplace | The Secret Formula | and 1 more...

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Available Keynote Presentation: The Art of Stewardship

Available Keynote Presentation: Gospel-Driven Productivity

Available Keynote presentation: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Prayers and Living up to the Name.

Active Keynote Presentation: Cultivate Courage

Available Keynote Presentations: ***NEW*** Building and Empowering High-Performing Teams "Jesus-Style" | Horizon Growth Planning and two more...

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Available Keynote Presentations: Accepting the Father's Gift of Work | Operating in the Fruit of the Spirit | Aligning your Career to God's Mission

Available Keynote Presentation: The Power and Strength of Emotional Grit

Available Keynote Presentations: Priority Maintenance

Available Keynote Presentations: The Power of 3: Winning in Business and Life | Running with Joy

Available Keynote Presentations: Following God's Principles in a Bottom Line World | Control and Surrender | Fear, Failure and Faith

Available Keynote Presentations: Executive Presence Meets Servant Leadership | The Prioritized Life | Seeing Yourself as Others Do

Available Keynote Presentations: How People Really Grow: Character Based Leadership | Preserving Relationship through Hard Conversations... and 1 more!

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Available Keynote Presentations: Seeing the Least of These in our World | In the World and Not of It | Your Story Matters

Available Keynote Presentation: Is Everything Truly Meaningless? Ecclesiastes, Pain, and Life

Available Keynote Presentation: Debt - What Does God's Word Say?

Available Keynote Presentations: Love the Lord with All Your Wealth | Excel in Your God-Given Vocation

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Available Keynote Presentations: Worship Through Work | Scriptural Paradigms for Strategic Planning | and 2 more...

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Available Keynote Presentations: How to Cast Vision in Uncertain Times | Develop Your Personal Board of Directors... plus 4 more!

Available Keynote Presentations: May I ...? Using Communication Consent for Better Reception and Results | Discovering the Genius in the Mirror | and 1 more...

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