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QualiTech, Inc.


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Together, we make ideas that work.™

QualiTech® creates food ingredients to add flavor, function and visual appeal to our customers’ products. We believe in quality and are committed to building trust.

QualiTech started in 1967 by providing proven nutrient bioavailability from protected trace minerals, precision micronutrients, flavors to maximize intake and consumption of animal feed. We also make micronutrients to help plants perform to their optimum potential. Our environmental division provides consulting, training and equipment to assist oil companies in spill cleanup and prevention. Our company is owned by the Ploen family and values the family-based culture that has always been a part of the company’s success.

Our mission is to provide top quality ingredients and nutrients that promote the health and well-being of people, plants, and animals. We will do so by combining scientific research, product innovation, and exceptional service in ways that will help all of us succeed.


Food Ingredients:

We’ll work with you to discover the perfect food ingredients for your needs. Everything from particulates, inclusions, pellets and bits that offer great flavor, texture, mouth-feel and visual appeal to your proprietary products. And best of all, our product availability and quality always remain stable, unaffected by market fluctuations, so you can always count on:

  • Consistent cost
  • Consistent performance
  • Consistent supply available

No matter what food product you envision, we’ll help develop the right food inclusions and particulates to bring your idea to life in any flavor, color or texture. Together, we make ideas that work.

Plant Nutrition:

QMIN™ corrects nutrient deficiencies and crop disorders, helping plants reach their genetic potential for optimum yield and quality. QMIN is a highly compatible nutrient solution allowing customized nutrient blends to be created for prescription recommendations. QMIN can be added through foliar and soil applications.

It’s safe and effective. Our unique polysaccharide complex protects the nutrients for efficient uptake and helps them move safely where the plant needs them most.


Jeff Ploen
Senior Vice President of Business Development

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