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Our Mission: To inspire kindness and unleash the power of giving. 

PassAlong Gifts is a social enterprise changing the way people look at giving. We believe in the importance of kindness and our product unleashes the power of giving making an impact in your circle of influence and beyond!

  • Each Gift is a reproduction of inspirational, original art that can stand or hang
  • It is meant to  “enjoy for a while, then PassAlong and share a smile”
  • Each person keeps the gift for as long as they like while watching for someone to share it with
  • Then, they “PassAlong” and include who, when, and why it is given on the back
  • An Online tracking feature allows everyone to follow along!

People are being inspired by these simple acts of kindness. This unique design is a tangible way to put into action a pay-it- forward mindset creating a cycle of giving, sharing and caring. Choose the design that speaks to you then pick the size and style you want. Watch what happens and see how much YOU GET when you GIVE!

BUSINESSES: Looking for a unique way to to share your vision and values? We'll work with you to design the perfect image and message to share with your customers, prospects, employees, and others in your circle of influence. You can even choose the charity you wish to support. Not only will you engage those you send a PassAlong Gift to, but it will be shared with THEIR circle of influence thus reaching a whole new network with your vision and values. Join the journey and spread kindness!

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